Opening of an exhibition in celebration of  Captain George Vancouver’s birthday
John Horton, Joe Segal, Peter Legge & Admiral Roger Girouard (left to right)

News & Upcoming Events

March 17, 2014

Ad for ArmaLite Inc.’s new rifle featuring Michelangelo’s David

Italy’s culture minister, Dario Franceschini, is not pleased with a new advertisement for American weapon-maker ArmaLite Inc. Read More »
January 17, 2014

Maple Bay Yacht Club & Ladysmith Maritime Society Talks

It was with very great pleasure that I accepted an invitation to give my Captain Vancouver talk on the 17th and 18th January to the Maple Bay Yacht Club and the Ladysmith Maritime Society. Read More »
October 22, 2013

My Research Platform

We have a very special boat on which we travel the coast to do research for my paintings. The vessel is an historic wooden boat built by the US Navy in Pearl Harbor in 1944, and was brought to the mainland in the 50’s and converted to be used as a pleasure craft. Read More »


Welcome to our New Website
We hope you will enjoy our new site and the information it contains and we welcome your comments.   New stories will be added in the near future so we invite you to "stay tuned" and enjoy - remembering "Art is good for the Soul".
"John Horton's marine art captures today and yesterday - people, places and events as we know and remember them. While there are many artists who paint marine scenes, few have Horton's ability to delineate accurately the architecture of a ship.

Horton's portrayals range from the Pacific voyages of discovery when captains Cook and Vancouver first anchored off British Columbia to comtemporary settings on urban and rural waterfronts. He gives us glimpses of other parts of the world, of the military at work, of bustling ports and tranquil inlets."

~ Peter Vassilopoulous from John M. Horton, Mariner Artist